George’s Kitchen – 13101 Triskett Rd. Cleveland, Ohio

A couple of weeks ago, I was having breakfast-for-dinner at IHoP with fellow writer, John Newman. He then told me about another really good breakfast place (he shares my “interest” in the most important meal of the day) so we headed there around 9am one Saturday morning. It was busy, which is always a good sign.

We went in and were quickly seated. The menu was pretty broad with all the usual breakfast delights. I ordered sausages, eggs and hash browns, which came with toast. I also ordered a side of bacon, just to see.

The food was great. The hash browns were interesting, being more finely chipped rather than the short-strings of places like IHoP or the dull awful cubes of Bob Evans. The eggs were cooked to perfection (over-medium, of course), and I really enjoyed my breakfast there.

They don’t seem to have sweeteners on the table, favoring pure sugar, but I was quickly provided with what I requested (note – I like to mix my artificial sweetners – you should try it.)

In summary, I very much enjoyed my first visit to George’s Kitchen and may well be revisiting it soon. Next time I’ll take better notes :)


2 thoughts on “George’s Kitchen – 13101 Triskett Rd. Cleveland, Ohio

  1. George’s Bitchin’ Kitchen is a classic staple in this part of town. If you’re looking for similar fare, check out “The Place To Be” in Lakewood

  2. I love it. Bitchin’ Kitchen is right.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard of “The Place To Be” from a couple of people, so it’s time to check it out.

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