DiBella’s Update

First of all, the Solon DiBella’s has reintroduced the toaster, having got rid of the oven. I don’t think it was terribly popular. I had spoken to the manager about it and he was very interested in my opinion on the cooking method. I’d told him that I didn’t like the oven and how it changed the taste of the food.

He suggested that I ask to have the sandwich filling cooked on the grill; onions, peppers, meat all together, and to let him know how that tasted.

Obviously, it’s not a healthy option but it tasted fantastic. I don’t go there as often as I used to, but this is how I get my sub made when I do.

DiBella’s (the Solon one at least) are open-minded and always interested in your ideas and opinions. The staff remain as friendly as ever, though it’s a bad sign (for me) when you walk in and they ask if you want your “usual” sandwich.

Actually, I love that sort of thing.

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