Recently I’ve been forcing myself to eat soup. Not always healthy soups, but usually. I’m not a fan of chowders or soups that are terribly creamy and heavy. It has just coincidentally been good for me.

Near the office, there’s a place called Zoup! and yes, the name includes the exclamation point. They have a really decent range of soups that change slightly from day to day. They also make sandwiches, which is not their strong point, but the grilled turkey club is amazing if you get american cheese on it. They also do salads, but obviously I have no idea what they’re like.

The soups come in a variety of sizes, starting at “reasonably priced” and going up to “holy crap, I could buy a sub from DiBella’s for this!” I usually go for the “bowl” which is a bit larger than the standard size, but quite filling. Each serving of soup comes with a bread roll, either french, sourdough or wholewheat. Although I usually get a sandwich, I imagine the “bowl and roll” is probably satisfying enough for most folks.

I tend to go for chicken-based soups, such as their White Chicken Chili. It’s got a kick to it, but it’s fairly harmless as these things go. I tend to add a lot of salt, but you’ll probably not need to.

The Solon Zoup! is incredibly busy between about noon and 1:30pm, so I try to get over there by about 11:30 to get my food. You can also order and pay online, which let’s you skip the queue entirely (unless there’s a queue at that counter.

Because the soups change daily, it’s a good idea to sign up for their newsletter, which is customized for each location. It tells you what soups are available today, just in case there’s nothing you like, saving you a fruitless (soupless?) journey. This has happened to me a few times, but since DiBella’s is basically next door, it’s hardly what you’d call a wasted trip.

If you’re a soup kind of person, you’ll really like Zoup! and the wide range of soups on offer. The sandwiches are functional, though I’ve had an ongoing craving for the american cheese version of the turkey club. Something about the crunchy cheesiness of it, I think. Good stuff.

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