About Me

Who is this guy?

Stephen Herron is a digital strategy consultant & photographer living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Stephen is also a freelance writer available to help with copywriting and design advice for a variety of projects relating to web, print and more. Contact him at stephenherron@icloud.com for more information.

Stephen is also a partner in Greymalkin Designs, whose post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, Desolation, was launched at Gen Con 2008. He has written for the following games.

Publishing Credits
2012 – Broken Rooms – Greymalkin Designs, Creator & Lead Writer
2010 – Journeys, Before and After – Greymalkin Designs, Lead Writer
2010 – World of Darkness: Mirrors (White Wolf), Writer
2009 – Survivors – Greymalkin Designs, Writer
2008 – Desolation RPG – Greymalkin Designs, Lead Writer
2006 – 2320 (Far Future Enterprises), Additional Material
2006 – Gateway Domain Book 2 – Starfall Cluster (Avenger Enterprises), Contributor
1996 – The Nearside Project (Nearside Games), Lead Writer, Designer
1995 – Court of all Kings (White Wolf), Additional Material

Stephen has also play-tested the following RPGs and is proud to be associated with them.

Play-testing Credits
2010 – The One Ring
2008 – Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
2008 – Hunter (White Wolf)
2008 – Innocents (White Wolf)
2007 – Battlestar Galactica (Margaret Weis Productions)
2007 – Changeling (White Wolf)
2006 – Serenity (Margaret Weis Productions)
2006 – Traveller: 2320AD (Far Future Enterprises)

(By the way: if you’re looking for the Stephen Herron who attended Belfast Royal Academy (briefly) or Ballymena Academy (less briefly), or the Stephen Herron who went to the University of Ulster at Coleraine in the early 90s? You’ve found him. Unless you’re after money or revenge. In that case, I’m a completely different Stephen Herron…)